Jarvis commands

On the Boss Mode plan, you can use Commands to tell Jarvis what to do using plain language. This gives you more control over how Jarvis works and leads to faster content creation.

Using thousands of commands, you can ask Jarvis to do things like:

> Write some blog post titles about Lawn Care

Write some ad headlines based on the product description

Write a video script outline for a video titled "8 tips for lawn care"

There are some commands Jarvis will follow better than others, but there's not just one set list of Commands he's programmed to run. He literally understands the intent of your command and works to fulfill it.

How to run a Command

  • In plain language, write the command you want Jarvis to follow.
  • Press CMD + Enter on Mac or CTRL + Enter on PC.
  • Jarvis will highlight the command, and execute it.

When running a command, Jarvis sees and uses:

  • The command
  • 2,000 - 3,000 characters above the command (unless it stops at a *** shortcode)
  • The Title, Content description, and Keywords (unless they are toggled off)

Click here for a list of Command Ideas

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